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Will become energy storage battery
Kang Boer battery industrial co., LTD is specialized is engaged in the type sealed lead acid battery and gel battery production and research and development of enterprises. The company by making batteries for many years manufacture experience of senior engineers and researchers. Product series: ordinary AGM type 12 v 0.8 Ah ~ ~ 200 6 v 1.2 Ah Ah Ah ~ ~ 3320 2 v, 4 v series 8 v series 10 v series gel battery series: 12 v 17 Ah ~ ~ 200 Ah. Products are widely used in: 1. The emergency start of all kinds of vehicles, the digital products charge. 2 carrying type CD machine, record the videoplayer, solar systems, roads and railways lights 3 medical apparatus and instruments, portable measuring instruments, audio device 4 electric tools (such as electric drill, screwdriver, saws, etc.), cordless phones, transceiver 5 detection and analysis instrument, electronic weighing apparatus, electric toy model 6 lighting, garden light, portable calculator, paper, printer and other 7 electric bicycles, motorcycles, lawn cars, scooters, golf carts 8 emergency lighting, fire alarm, the first column, warning signs, UPS uninterruptible power supply 9 telecom system, dc switch cabinet, air switch 10 power system, power station, diesel engine starting, lighting for the need to know more detail about our products, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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Addr:Beijing haidian district zhongguancun building overspending: 18 floors  Tel:086-010-56232822    
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